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Cheenta Ganit Kendra

Cheenta Ganit Kendra

Male |CALCUTTA, India

Functional Equation - Cheenta Open Seminar

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

We explore a problem from Functional Equation and examine some deeper concepts related to it.

Math Olympiad candidates, I.S.I. C.M.I. entrance aspirants and College mathematics students will find this lecture useful.

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About the Host

Cheenta Ganit Kendra

Cheenta Ganit Kendra


If you are interested in mathematics beyond classroom, you will find us useful.

Presently we deliver mathematics courses that go far beyond regular school or college curriculum.

We also publish a journal on mathematical science (Reason, Debate and Story)

Cheenta community has talented students from countries like India, United States of America, Scotland, Singapore, and Soudi Arabia and energetic faculty members (most of whom are pursuing Ph.D. in Mathematics in several institutes of repute).

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